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Make sure you know all of the facts about your garage door, opener, or springs.
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If your garage door isn’t operating properly, make certain all the parts are moving correctly with our tune-up and repair services.

At Soltero Garage Doors, we know how important it is to have a fully functional garage door providing you consistent access to your home and security from unwanted intrusions.

We will do our best to immediately respond to any of your garage door repair needs.

With our 15 years of experience, you can expect to get only the best service from us. It is our mission to give our customers peace of mind at a great price. We offer many garage door or opener service and repair solutions. Check out some of our options below!

Broken Garage Door Spring

Springs are almost always the first problem to arise in the lifetime of a garage door. There are a few reasons that this may happen. Extreme fluctuations in temperature, a spring that has not been properly maintained, or normal wear and tear can all be the culprit of this problem. Whatever the cause, if you have a broken garage door spring, you will know. Your door will not be able to move at all and the actual broken spring makes a loud noise when it breaks.


Garage Door Off Track

Whether your teenager ran into your garage door again, or the cables just snapped, Soltero Garage Doors will be there promptly to offer their professional repair services. While a garage door that is off track is an eyesore for your home, it is also dangerous and unstable. If your door is off track, do not attempt to move it. Call us immediately and we will be there to safely fix the problem.

Garage Door Sections Repair

In most scenarios, it is possible to repair individual sections of a garage door without having to replace the entire thing. If a section repair is an option, it will save the customer from the hassle and cost of having the entire door replaced.

For any of your garage door repair needs, big or small, call Soltero Garage Doors today for quick, professional, and affordable service!


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